Financial Planning* Process

All relationships must begin with an introduction. You will get to know me as I get to know you – your values, concerns, priorities and objectives, as well as your current financial picture. Do my philosophies and services align with your expectations?

I believe the path towards financial success begins with a plan. Each plan must be comprehensive and customized to fit the circumstances, constraints and goals unique to you and your family. I understand "life happens", and things change. Your plan serves as the foundation for our future decision-making and provides a rationale for direction of our investments. Your plan will be monitored and amended as your situation changes and the world turns.

1. Introduction Meeting:

  • Share information about yourself and your situation
  • Explanation of the Charles Orngard Financial Management, LLC process and services
  • Is this a good fit for both of us?

2. Clarification & Fact Finding Meeting:

  • Prioritize goals, objectives and timelines
  • Assess risk tolerance
  • Determine your dangers, opportunities and strengths

3. Analysis (internal meetings):

  • Analyze financial situation relative to goals
  • Identify strengths, shortfalls and opportunities of current circumstances
  • Prepare written comprehensive Wealth Plan

4. Plan Presentation Meeting:

  • Present comprehensive Wealth Plan
  • Discuss projections of current situation and alternatives to improve your current plan
  • Examine various recommendations pertaining to retirement, investments, risk management, estate, philanthropy and risk management
  • Discuss recommended investment strategies including portfolio allocation, types of investments and account structure
  • Address questions or concerns
  • Develop a strategy & timeline for plan implementation

5. Plan Implementation:

  • Open new accounts, initiate transfer of existing assets, and execute trades from agreed-upon investment strategy
  • Monitor & communicate about progress of implementation items
  • Establish online account access
  • Determine schedule for review meetings

6. Ongoing Review Meetings:

  • Compare Wealth Plan goals and objectives to actual results
  • Discuss changes to your financial situation that could necessitate changes to your Wealth Plan
  • Revisit risk tolerance and adjust asset allocation accordingly
  • Rebalance investment portfolio periodically and recommend modifications

Coordinate with other trusted advisors and specialists

*Financial Planning offered through LPL Financial


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